Moving out… (Finally ;)


(almost) All tucked in

(almost) All tucked in

Ah! I never thought this day will come- the day the brood decides to sleep away from mummy and daddy. Has it come too soon or not soon enough?!?

Daddy had been very busy spring cleaning and clearing up the rooms. And the princess’ room is so almost ready! She has neatly stacked her reading stuff into the various shelves in the bunk bed (finally they are put to good use 😉 and when daddy set up the bed, the lamp etc for her- she was all set to get comfy in her ‘loft’. Yes, these past two days, she has just been reading and listening to  her MP3 on her bed, entertaining her brothers and settling well in her room. 

The baby slept with daddy the first night on the pull-out of the trundle bunk. Later that night, I was puzzled to find the bed so empty in the middle of the night and saw the peaceful sight of the princess, baby and daddy sleeping soundly in the children/ princess’ room. Today both brothers were wanting to take turn to sleep on their own and also seemed pretty undecided if they should go back and sleep with mummy. After a tiring outing at a nearby mall, they drifted off to sleep with their sister. 

Now I am feeling kinda lost/ sad/ confused/ relieved. yes, mixed feelings alright. What am I going to do with all that space, on my own bed??

Its been nearly a decade since we had all that space to ourselves. It always was a natural  progression for the brood to bunk on the family bed after a short stint in the bassinet. Even with my subsequent pregnancies, we all squeezed cosily into the queen size bed til ds3, the sunshine baby came along. I am so not prepared for this day to come so soon. The boys are still young…

Oh, but then again, I would not be surprised if either of the sons come looking for us in the middle of the night. So stay tuned ;p


3 thoughts on “Moving out… (Finally ;)

    • Thanks hannah, for visiting. Yes, u will get to see the room when u come by for xmas. As for them sleeping away from me, maybe a stayover will make u believe… Your cousin will be delighted to have u for a sleepover ;p

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