Mummy’s new journey(s)

Hihi! Thank you for visiting and clicking on this link- be prepared to put some up with some ranting, trumpeting and quite abit of self-deprecation! ;p

Well, starting this blog is a major milestone. Some of you may be aware that I had aimed to be virtually anonymous and how I had ‘hyperventilated’ when my precious princess wanted to start her own blog. Well looks like i have gotten past all that! As I always believe, learning new things is so beneficial for the grey matter 😉

Another milestone- starting full time work. Great job, great company and colleagues and good pay. Thumbs down for the office hours though ;/ Must admit that i still find it difficult to get to the grind of office hours. But  hey, life aint always a bed of roses as I wonted believe through my rose tinted glasses. Despite settling well in my workplace, it is still a challenge balancing time with my children. 

As a friend believes, there is no such thing as quality time, only time. I partly agree with her. One reason that prompted me to take up the offer was me taking the time with my precious brood for granted. Lazing around was the norm. I think i am the sort who, when pressed for time, tends to be more efficient/ smart with the way i spend time. True enough, despite a tiring day, I feed the children dinner and really make an effort to talk to them. Unfortunately, they cant seem to wait for me to come back so that they can switch on the computer ;(( And there was once, the big boy called me during work to keep asking to use the computer. That really made me snap in some ways.

Well, its the holidays so they have plenty of free time on their hands. Hopefully that changes a little when school reopens. And learning to achieve the balance will indeed be another major milestone for me. ;D


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