Xmas on the Lawn- picnic outing

Thanks to an angel (do check out her site- its so awesome! 😉, I got an invite to a picnic outing at Rider’s Lodge, located in Turf City. 

I asked to leave early from work so that i will be able to take the brood there early enough. Though it was touted as BYO, there was a  lavish spread of yummy food, carolling and soothing live singing throughout the evening. 

Check out more pix at these links:

PART 1: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=160795&l=a0033&id=1446857945 

PART 2: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=160797&l=d7fe0&id=1446857945


Brood enjoyed running about the grounds. They were curious about the carpet grass. Mataan asked if there was a carpet underneath ;p Baby kept rolling about like he does on the bed. Princess kept pacing the boys round the lodge.

They enjoyed a short pony ride each. Since they already enjoyed a similar ride at Gallop Stables, they were more than keen to do the round.  

I met a mother that I got to know from the local parenting forum. It is always great to see the faces behind the names. And this mother lives near my place so we  had more to share about the places that both of us frequent.  The face painter was from my JC. I dont think she recalled me cos she was there for a short stint and was in my junior cohort. Pretty small world huh. 

I always love being outdoors and seeing the brood running about instead of the boxes at home (aka TV and computer ;/). The weather was perfect (Good things happen to good people; so the angel who organise the whole affair deserves more than good things :)) The ambience was so relaxed. 

The brood despite enjoying themselves, asked to go home too soon. Only the baby was enjoying himself tremendously throughout. 

Made me wonder if the best place for the big two is just the TV or the computer. Fellow mummies and daddies, have your children behaved such a way that it makes u wonder if u had done something wrong the way u brought them up? I know motherhood means second guessing but that should not apply to basic issues like enjoying outdoors, mindful of people’s feelings and being thankful. I dont want to be critical of my children’s behaviour but i really do wish that they were more appreciative. 

(So a most wonderful evening is alil marred by the broods’ attitude…ahh a heartache together with joys and laughs)


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