Moving out- an update

So did the boys sleep on their own the following nights? yes and no actually ;p

Depending on their moods, either one of them or both sleep away or together with mummy. In conclusion, there seems to be no permanent away arrangement except for the princess. She is at home in her room (Finally! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The daddy has been anxious that his precious daughter is sleeping alone, by herself. So whenever the boys bunk with mummy, he sleeps on the pull out in her room. On one night, he was getting all set to do that, as both boys slept in mummy’ s room. But ย to his utter surprise, the princess had locked her bedroom! Hahahahah… And i thought i was fretting needlessly when the daddy does not seem all ready either, ย to let go as well… Similarly the big boy- he once climbed back to our bed, in the middle of the night, ย after having had fallen asleep on the pull out earlier.

And just now, I was getting the boys to sleep in the sister’s room. Since the pull out is pretty small, there’s only space for two of us. Got the baby to sleep with sister while i slept with Mataan (#2, the big boy) on the pull out. And i turned towards baby to put my arm on him. #2 became so grumpy- ‘I am sleeping all alone. Nobody sleeps with me!’ started the whining. When i explained that i am indeed next to him, he ‘demanded’ that i sleep ‘straight’ (meaning flat next to him, instead of turning away from him ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Well no prize for guessing, who will be the last to move out of mummy’s bed? ;p


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