Being thankful

As the year comes to an end, most of us may be reflective/ retrospective or looking forward to the forthcoming year. I take these twilight days of 2008 to be thankful. And there is so much for me to be thankful about; have been blessed so much that I dont where to start.

Today started rather well for me. And what triggered off this immense feeling of thankfulness and glee was meeting my ex-colleagues: Mdm S and Mdm R. I was so absolutely delighted at their ever steadfast kindess and goodness. They had always been such wonderful people during my teaching stint- patiently explaining, guiding and always helping out.  There are also other ex-colleagues not in the same school anymore but we have been keeping in touch.  Such good people are such boon in any workplace. Remembering their kindness and how the 2 Madams welcomed me really made my day and got me thinking about all the other goodiful things/ wonderastic people in my life (Oh just as I started this post- got another good (albeit) scary news from the bank 😉

I am thankful for my children and family. The darlings always fill my days with such laughter and love. The husband, a pillar in my life (despite all the misgivings we have)- the days that i know him are more than the days i dont. He has taken care of me like a tai-tai (without the correct bank balance ;p) I depend on him far too much for my own good. Sometimes, I wonder if he deserves a spouse like me- as in i am so totally inadequate to his abilities!

My parents and sister’s family- Difficult to show my parents love the way i shower affection on my brood, but nevertheless I am grateful for all their help and care. Despite me being grown up with 3 children, my parents still treat me like a small child- asking after my meals, still wanting to give me allowance ;> and always looking out for me even though I am not always my best self to them ;o My sister and family- ever so patient, indulgent and helpful. I have been spoilt by their love. My nephew and nieces are not the lil ones that I used to care for and take out- they are now individuals with own minds. Yet, they try to show consideration for us.

My work- I have been so blessed with continous work throughout my freelance days. And now, the full time job is so timely. Surely someone up there is looking out for/ after me. I am not religious but I do believe I am well taken care of because of God. I am also coping well with work with his strength. Of course there is more to learn and to improve on my performance. At the same time, I am mindful not to be lulled into a false sense of security.

My friends- childhood, school and from work. You all have cheered me up and brought a smile to my face, at one time or another. Those who have been with me through my dark days- how can i ever repay your kindness and patience? All those who have received text messages from me at one time or another- I want you to know how much you are cherished. Yes, we do not meet often or even talk regularly- but you are important and appreciated.

A local parenting forum- many of them i do not know personally but they have been tremendous support. Strangers who are drawn together by the powerful bond of parenthood. Have learnt so much from these mummies and some daddies. They have helped clear my rose tinted glasses at time ;p, widen my horizons and also get me to step out of my, sometimes, juvenile thinking ;>

I need to be constantly aware of all the bountiful blessings in my life. This is my energy source during my down periods when i wallow in self pity. I need to remember my happy days so that my sad days become shorter.

To all those are so cherished by me-

Thank you for being my friend

Thank you for making me smile

Thank you for making my day! ;D


2 thoughts on “Being thankful

  1. That was very sweet.
    You can be thankful for us because we are thankful for you, dear aunt.
    You’ve done so much for me & my sibs that a simple “thank-you” is not enough.
    You played a part in raising us too.
    One of the many motherly figures in our lives.
    So, thank YOU.
    May this new year bring forth much love, joy & peace.
    God Bless,

    Your Dear Niece.

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