Enjoying Camp Chartwell

I had managed to sign up my brood early enough for this popular camp which started only in the past year end holidays. It is not the usual sophisticated, highly structured camps that has become the norm these days. Basically, its a group of teenage siblings and friends (i think) minding the little ones with very creative projects in a homely environment. 

After sharing my disappointment with princess’ attitude at the xmas on the  lawn picnic, a couple of posts from the mummies made me realise my folly. When my precious daughter had queried me where  we were heading and why (for the picnic event) I merely brushed off her questions as I was rushing to get them ready. 

So after pondering over the posts and reflecting on both princess’ and my reaction, I realised I need to help my daughter anticipate events better. I wondered if she had known what exactly to expect, she may have been more receptive to the picnic outing. So that night after having had registered them, I showed the blogsite of the camp and explained to her what she can expect. Needless to say, she was full of questions and she tends to be judgemental (i wonder where she inherited that from? ;p) even before trying out anything. I tried to manage her expectations as best as I could. 

The day I took them to camp- they were all rather tired and I think they were surprised when we were led to a condo function hall. But the hosts/ organisers were so welcoming. I left them and went off to work. That evening when daddy and I went to join them for the barbecue, I saw that the brood were having a smashing time! ;D

Oh, this i must so proudly share (a trumpeting news ;p)- when i went to collect food from the bbq pit, one of the teenagers stopped me and told me this- ” Aunty, your children are very well-behaved.” AAHHH- i was walking on clouds after that ;D Apparently they had been quiet and well-behaved. I just hope that the quiet doesnt mean that they were passive. 

Anyway, they had done some very cool and creative stuff and obviously the brood had a smashing time. Princess has been asking when she can go to the camp again. 

And when we were there, I was greatly amazed at the hospitality and generosity of the organisers and hosts. They treated us like old friends when we barely knew them. And I met a couple more mothers from the parenting list. It was great chatting to them and making more friends. Well, its not only princess who is looking forward to the next Camp Chartwell. ;))


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