Ushering the New Year

Happy New Year!

Well, I didnt do much ushering actually ;p more like, sleep thru the moment when 2008 made way for 2009. I guess age does that to you, huh- not that I am all that old, relatively speaking at least. I did not even send out the customary well wishing text messages, instead I merely thanked those who kindly wished me and family so generously. 

New Year is usually associated with resolutions. I belong to the school of thought- ‘Resolutions are meant to be broken! ‘ I think i gave up on resolutions quite sometime ago. These days, I am more like- each day is the first day of the rest of my life. Resolutions can be made as and when deemed necessary. So they were the last thing on my mind the past week, til I passed the newspaper/ magazine vendor in the market. Ah, some of you may know what a magazine junkie I am. Though, I do not buy as regularly as I used to, magazines are still my weak point (among many others ;p) So I just made this teeny tiny resolution- no magazine purchase in 2009! Well at least,  until I have figured what to do with the current stacks and piles of them ;>

Instead of resolutions, I am thinking of living my life the way I want my obituary or tombstone (if I get one!) will read. I had shared with a close galfren the words I will use to describe myself. I hope you agree with me, or at least will when I make my final farewell ;))

Marvellous Mummy

Gorgeous Gal

Fabulous friend

Whimsical woman

So yes, keeping that in mind, I look forward to a marvellous, gorgeous, fabulous and a whimsical 2009. Bottoms up! ;D

2 thoughts on “Ushering the New Year

    • Thank you for reading :)) Good to know that there are other magazine lovers out there in similar dilemma ;p And yes, when i pass at least the 6mth mark of going cold turkey on magazines, u bet that i will pop the champagne! ;p

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