Getting the hair cut(s)

Mummy and brood went for their haircuts- what with them going back to school/ starting new job and it being a new year ;p

All went to respective hairdresser/ stylists for a new/ updated hair do. Boys went to the traditional barber while princess went to the trusty hair stylist and mummy went to her (relatively) high end salon ;p

Mummy felt like million bucks (did not quite look million dollars- what with her pot belly and aunty like outfit- one of her many off days πŸ˜‰ She got the same bob look that had earned numerous compliments previously and she got a treatment shampoo (cost more than the hair cut!) that would hopefully stop her hair looking lifeless. Basically it was retail therapy and the usual top of the world feeling one gets after a haircut ;)) Daddy prefers her with the cropped look ala her teenage/ twenty something years. But mummy thinks it may make her look more aunty! ;o

Princess had wanted a shorter hair do like her galfren (Sheesh!- when do they learn the importance of being an unique. original individual??!!) She had it cropped and her natural curls were in their full glory. Now she looked and felt like million bucks (and it was such a small fraction of what her mummy paid for Β her trip to the stylist! Not that mummy regrets ;))

Princess was flouncing her hair all about, ala like a superstar according to her ;)) Her hairdo is totally so chic ;D It reminded me of how good it felt to have the curls. And now i want the same look the next time i go back to my stylist ;p

Princess was also called ‘Blackilocks’ during her toddler years cos she had the most adorable lush curls. When you tie pony tails, u had mini hair fountains out those tiny tails ;p When mummy inadvertantly cut her hairs short when she started nursery school, those glorious black locks were forever lost ;((

Well, she’s now into her chic stage… The boys looked smart as usual. Both were discussing about the possibility of going bald but of cos, daddy made sure that never materialised!


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