Back to school- The first week

Ah, all three had been looking forward to going back to school- especially the youngest! ;D

Princess already had plans to spend the recess with previous classmates. And when school reopened, she settled into the daily routine easily. She has yet to start with own daily revision schedule yet. After the discussion during the weekend, hopefully she can manage all the various academic tasks while enjoying her R&R. Am glad to know that all three do go cycling in the afternoons, when possible,  after school instead of vegetating in front of the TV!

She still stagnating in her Kumon Math while progress for her Kumon English is rather smooth sailing. It is very interesting how her performance in Kumon can be inversely related to her school academic performance. However, I think I am beginning to see the fruition of her efforts in Kumon English, in her writing and understanding of her English school work. The first/ second day, she had to record her learning thought- boy! her reflections were pretty amazing. She has always been steadfast in her school math work, unnfortunately she loses momentum in Kumon Math more often than I care for. 

She is going through her school scouts’ induction sessions before making a decision about joining the uniformed group. She is rather excited about the forthcoming campfire. Be sure to read about it, in a week’s time!

Adorable son (#2) had been rather reticent about the new school year. He was given his spelling list on the first day (expected) and was to prepare for the first spelling session the same week, Thursday (now that was unexpected!) Despite his usual anxiety about it being difficult, blah blah, he got around to studying for it. Unlike the previous year, he did not bring the spelling book the same day. So I have no idea how he fared. The weekend was spent preparing for the following week’s spelling tasks- both English and Tamil! Of course, after going cold turkey for a week without his computer fix, he made up for the ‘time lost’- but only after completing all the necessary school tasks ;>

And the sunshine baby- who could not wait to go back to school, had been wanting to join his elder brother in the Kumon classes. After repeatedly asking to go Kumon, he made the leap the first day of the school!!! Please do not think that this mother is so kiasu so as to start this barely 4 year old in such a structured program. I too share the same sentiment as many others, that he could wait for another year before starting on Kumon. But, he is so happy and enthusiastic about the worksheets and going for his Kumon classes! He has been definitely inspired by his older siblings, who at times do sludge through their  work. 

He is also going to be using his kindy transport service back home. This little fella certainly going through numerous milestones in this first month of the new year.  And it is another twinge as I seem to miss out on these small but momentous episodes, which I previously used to record faithfully.

I do miss both boys’ daily sharing about what happens in their respective classes. I suppose  these are some of the prices I pay for working full time ;(( 

Well, to another exciting school year- lets see what kind of roller coaster ride it would be this year! ;p


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