Scouts’ Campfire

Princess had returned from the Scouts Induction camp/ campfire earlier. It is very obvious she had tremendous fun and is looking forward to becoming a full-fledged scout. And she already set target on the first two badges she wants to earn- the ‘Camper’ and the ‘Scientist’. And i look forward to the day when i can share the joyful news with you- when she indeed wears those badges!

Preparation for the camp itself was pretty exciting for princess. The father had bought her several of the essentials from the Beach Road market. Must say she had one or two ‘high tech’ gadgets- the torchlight that can be of different colours. The father imposed his very meticulous method of packing on the princess- all items neatly organised in ziplock bags. Ah!-  must introduce those compression bags from Daiso, to him ;p For once, all was packed and ready way before the camp. She ended up with one bulky haversack, her sleeping bag and red box file. (The sleeping bags were another reason for excitement among the brood! 😉 The father took princess to the camp early on Saturday morning and we were to join in the campfire later that evening. 

I had brought the boys to the campfire. In fact, as one mother remarked- we were there in ‘full force’: with my dad and the rest of the family. 3 generations, we were described. Did not realise that we would have been so conspicuous in that crowd of parents. Then again, i expect faces to become more familiar with each passing Saturday 😉

Boys saw firsthand how a campfire is started and listened to all the songs and watched the games. Unfortunately, the bigger boy became too tired too soon and we left within 2 hours of the campfire starting. When I bade farewell to the recruit daughter of mine, she was totally cool about us leaving so early. She assured me that she’d be fine staying overnight (Actually she was also looking forward to the water bomb game after the parents’ departure 😉 The father was more anxious about the princess overnight stay- he even wondered aloud if he should go check on her at night!

When I went to fetch her around  noon today, she was beaming and full of stories to share ;D She is also looking forward to the hike next month. And I am eager to share this journey with her- to see her grow and learn so much.


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