Ready to pay- Following the crowd NOT!

Working full time has really brought me long forgotten ‘benefits’ and some liberties. 

When school started, I was prepared to fork out additional costs that is expected in the first week. And it felt so good to pay immediately all that was required. In the past, when i was working on freelance basis, such costs will be factored in the following paychecks and settled asap when able. It felt liberating and really  refreshing to dole out the cash without much afterthought. I know this may be a granted thing for many, but for one who is terrible at managing $$, it is really like the blind seeing the light!

I never took to proper full time work previously, for many reasons. One was not wanting to caught up in the rat/ career race that is becoming the norm in our local society. I always relished going against the flow- mornings when majority are walking quickly to offices, i will purposefully stroll leisurely against the crowd, either to market or some other trivial errands. It always gave me tremendous pleasure that I lived my life by my own pace and I had the freedom to choose, not to join the crowd ;D

So starting a 9 to 6 job, was rather a bitter pill to swallow (tho it was sweetened by a good pay). Thankfully my office is not in town area- so i still get to literally go against the crowd flow. But occasionally, I find myself going with the flow. And it annoys me to no end- I know it is  really such a superficial issue but I do hate following the crowd- literally or otherwise. So whenever possible, i ‘break the rules’ and walk against the direction that I am supposed to. I am so surprised that there are arrows to indicate the direction the crowd has to take in the underground passageways and in crowded train stations. I understand that these are necessary measures to ensure smooth flow but they are most disagreeable for a maverick like me ;p

And walking against the crowd flow is such a minor triumph for me! ;D


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