Happy growing baby

Ah, the baby is certainly growing up to be a very young boy with his own mind. Its not fair to call him baby anymore. But the bane of being the youngest is that you are perpetually stuck with that label!

This morning (tuesday), I managed to make time to take him to his kindy. As I have badly missed the days when I usually took him to school, I asked to carry him. And there my very young man turned me down, saying he rather walk. (Ah- the carrying days are over??!!)

Later in the day, I urged daddy to get the sunshine an early birthday present for him- pet goldfishes. Sunshine always stands by the aquarium stall in the market and asks to keep his own fish. And since he has proven to be a very responsible caretaker of his toys (so unlike his older siblings) I have full confidence that getting him his pet fish is a good move. 

Needless to say, he was and still is over the moon with his birthday gift. He was still in front of the tank- mesmerised by the swimming creatures. His grin was extra wide and his glee was so evident. My only regret was that I was not there to witness his reaction when he learnt of his new pets. 

Well, his siblings are already planning on their pets- Adorable apparently wants a hamster while Princess is set on a rabbit. If they really can prove that they can be responsible pet owners, I will have no qualms acquiescing to their requests.


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