Appreciating the helper

Helper arrived couple of weeks back. All were anticipating her arrival, not just as additional help around the flat. Family was in want of delicious home-made Indian food and my dad could do with the help in ferrying the children to and from school. 

After much hassle with MOM DIY application, managed to get the IPA and have her fly over. I never like to use maid agents to hire a domestic worker. Firstly, I think they charge exhorbitant  fees especially when they are not able to guarantee satisfactory and reliable domestic worker. I have been blessed to have referrals for reliable helpers  who have worked in homes of family friends. I need such highly recommended ladies as I am those who trust my helpers implicitly, with my children and cannot be bothered with ‘training’ them. I expect them to take initiative and carry out their jobs independantly (Not really different from other local employers right 😉

So my current helper (just like the previous one) is a god-send! She is so much better and quicker, than yours truly,  in housekeeping and cooking. She takes the children to the playground and ensure that they are safely entertained at the playground. But nobody is perfect. She can be over protective of the children, rather defensive at times and because she is not really literate, she lacks confidence when hearing English spoken. There have been a couple of silly incidents, but hey they are just minor stuff that can be easily overlooked.

I am very thankful that she had decided yet again to come and stay with us. I may not be so friendly or ultra kind to her- but I do ensure of her well-being and that her family is taken care of, back in India. Its  the least I can do, in view of all that she does for my family ;))


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