Such NICE bosses!

I am entering the 3rd month of full time work. I have been enjoying myself tremendously and my work can be challenging (just like majority of working population’s 😉 The main reason(s) for my smooth transition into the workforce are definitely my superiors who hired me. Their faith and confidence in me gave me the boost to take up the challenge of full time work.

Needless to say, there have been hiccups and some blunders. Mostly due to my haphazard way of working and thinking (thats for another post). I think the way my directors correct me and guide me,sets them apart from the other superiors.

They are empathetic, extremely kind and patient. I admire the way they communicate with sub-ordinates and clients- with respect and consideration. They are quick thinking, very efficient in getting work done and truly excellent examples and role models to fellow workers. I have never minded being corrected by them- cos they do not belittle you or make one feel bad about mistakes. Instead they gently point the correct way of doing things, patiently explaining. If I have felt bad, thats because  I have yet to reach their level of proficiency. I am not being ambitious in wanting to reach their level, but just want to emulate they working style- efficient, kind and considerate. 

So it is with much shock and dismay, that I learnt that they will no longer be heading the company. I was very shocked at my own reaction to the news of  the merger. Although, they had indirectly mentioned their absence and changes to come, I was not prepared for the extent of the change. It took me a while to accept the news and adapt to the transition. I am sure it is not easy for my older colleagues but they are certainly keeping their chins up.  And I will have to do my utmost to work up to my directors’ expectations (I just pray that my best is enough, if not more than enough to repay their trust in me) I am so wary of being the weakest link ;o

So, Pat and Monica, if I had in any way, seemed to have taken advantage of our kindness, please know  that it was unintentional. I am pondering on ways to improve my working style- less haphazard, more focused/ systematic and importantly consistent (Pat, you were so spot on, on my perpetual flaw). 

I wish you both the very best in your future plans and may God always keep you in his favour and answer all your prayers!

Thank you for trusting me to do the job you have given me.


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