Gone forever are the (two) front teeth!

Ah! (BIG SIGH) The baby lost his front two teeth couple of months back ;((( It came about as he was speeding on his fire truck down the void deck. As he went past the curb, the high speed led the truck to overturn and he had landed with such impact that the two incisors were knocked out completely. 

I wasnt there and I learnt of the incident when I returned home after work. I saw him sitting on his granddad looking sombre. As soon as he caught sight, he cried out loud to me. And thats when I saw the two gaping holes on his upper gum. I was shocked and distressed greatly. Quickly I took him to the dentist nearby. The gums were cleaned and it was confirmed the teeth had been knocked out with the roots as well. Baby was brave throughout the dentist’s inspection. I guess it also helped that he was lying on my front rather than seated on the chair alone. 

He kept asking for his teeth on the way to and from the dentist. I had to explain how they would grow back when he is much older. And, like right now, I kept recalling when I last saw his full toothed grin that morning. That lovely toothy smile. 

What saddened me even more is the realisation that all my children lost their first teeth through accidents. Strong impacts had caused them to fall or lead to infection (as was in adorable’s case) and they had/ have these gaps til late. Princess’ tooth grew only when she was about 8. The two boys still have sometime to go. 

And recently I learned that have teeth removed early (thru  accident or extraction) can lead to misalignment of adult teeth. And add to that is baby’s habit of sucking his two fingers. That really worries me as I know of people whose jaws jut out because of that horrendous habit. 

I hope to share some good news with all of you in the future about baby’s adult teeth.


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