Princess is 10!

OMG! just realised that I hadnt blogged the entire April hence missing out sharing the news of the birthday. Sheesh….

Anyway, the plans for the big bash did not quite turn out the way we had originally planned. Nevertheless, she had a smashing time with the family and a memorable outing on the birthday itself.Β 

It was a quiet afternoon with two girlfriends who came over on the Saturday afternoon. Celebration went into full swing when the cousins and close relatives arrived (Lesson for mummy- include the cousins esp the gals despite the age gap. They really make things HAPPENING! πŸ˜‰ The original birthday cake did not materialise as the baker fell ill. It was a last minute order of a Pokemon cake (Yea, i cant believe it myself. I never ever imagined that any of my brood esp the princess enjoying such a cake especially on the 10th!)

Close relatives came by and with dinner and presents opening- the evening became more celebratory. Family enjoyed playing JENGA, a pressie from the relative. Princess was moved to tears by one of the gifts from her galfren (Such a drama gal! πŸ˜‰

The Sunday was her actual birthday. And at her request, mummy and brood headed off to the Singapore Flyer… ;D


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