NO ‘stealing my cab!’

This happened on the Friday when Adorable’s school held the Meet the Parents’ session. 

Since I would be away for most of the afternoon, I had arranged with the helper to take the brood to Hort Park and I was to join them after the session. The unpredictable weather cut short my planned time with them at the playground as the skies turned threatening. 

I called them as I left the school. Told them to wait at the sheltered pick up area while I’d go there in a cab to fetch them. As there was no cab near the school, I took the bus instead to the park. As i reached the place, it started drizzling. So I stood by the main road, under the arch bridge trying to flag a cab. The brood was still waiting for me at the park area. 

More than 30 minutes went by- no cab in sight while I took shelter under the bridge. While waiting, I was tending to calls regarding work. I spotted a foreigner walking in front of me, also trying to flag taxis. I quickly strode up to him- pointed out that I had been waiting way before him and I had children waiting inside the park. I then walked back to wait under the bridge to keep away from the light rain.

Shortly after this, an empty cab approached. I flagged frantically while still on the mobile. I was aghast to see the same foreigner stopping the cab and boarding it. NO WAY was I going to let him ‘steal’ the cab, NOT after waiting more than half an hour in the rain and with my brood waiting. 

I marched up to the cab, grabbed the door open and hollered at the gentleman! I shouted-  sorry and that I had been waiting more than 30 mins for a cab; my children were waiting for me and that was MY CAB! Not sure if it was the wait, the sheer ignorance of that foreigner or just the stress of the day vented out- I yelled at him non-stop. He was adamant enough not get out and even had the cheek to say that I was on the phone and had not flagged the cab at all. I felt bad for the cabbie who seemed to be dragged in needlessly. But I STOOD MY GROUND!

After a few minutes of hollering and yelling me, the man admitted defeat and reluctantly got out of the cab. I told him that I hoped he would not have to wait as long as I did! As i sat in the cab, i realised my colleague was still on the handphone and had been unnerved by the entire exchange! 

I assured her I was ok and went on to fetch my beloved brood home. The cabbie was bewildered to say the least but I am sure he understood why I did what i did!

I am not proud of how i got my way. But I think it is one sad fact of life- unpleasant and nasty people tend to get their way. You know what they say about nice guying winning last or along that line… 

I remember a similar incident during one of my vacation jobs at a motor workshop while studying. This nasty customer was so adamant about getting his automobile fixed asap that he made such ruckus  at the counter and at the mechanics. Just to be rid of him, his car was fixed quickly and sent back. The nice customers who were understanding and  patient did not get their vehicles as quickly as they liked. That is not to say that the work was delayed- just that noise does expedite matters!


2 thoughts on “NO ‘stealing my cab!’

  1. impressive!

    imo, it’s understandable and you can forgive yourself. tt man was NOT being gracious n under such distressing circumstances, you stood up for yourself n your brood – mama bear came roaring out! lol!

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