Exasperating moments

Any parent will tell you that parenthood is all ups and downs. Recently the valleys had been bogging me so let me vent abit here ;p

(Exasperating moments- With Princess) She has been getting more wilful. With increasing demands from schoolwork, she has yet to manage her workload and playtime. Regardless the endless reminders about getting her work in order, her things in order, her attitude in order (ya, I am very much the nagging mum these days ;( all fall onto deaf ears. And when she gets in trouble- be it with teacher or us- simply because she ignored all reminders, it leads me to sigh in utter resignation! 

(Exasperating moments- With Adorable) His wants for gratification are endless!  He is such a ‘ I want! I want!’ boy that I am at absolute lost at what I have done wrong, I have been trying very hard to explain the difference between wants and needs. Not sure if he gets it. And he tends to whine at the slightest, although that has subsided after many reminders to respond properly. And I recently learnt that he has been behaving rudely to others when the daddy and I are not around ;(( And for a responsible, he seem to misplace his stuff far too often for mummy’s liking!

Both the big 2 show traits that are highly suspicious to be inherited from moi ;< untidiness, sulky reactions etc. Ah! That is even more exasperating know the cause and yet not managing it ;((

(Exasperating moments- With Sunshine) All the youngest are notorious to be the crybabies of the families. SIGH- my sunshine also turns on the tap for the slightest. Though he is getting better at managing temper, his tantrums can still get on one’s nerves. These days, I ignore his unnecessary cries. No point in stoking the fire with unnecessary attention rite! And he has this most irritating habit of twisting the truth to suit his convenience. For example, whenever his older siblings have no school, he’d declare that his teacher told him not to come to school. I can understand why he says such but he is the only one who readily can be untruthful. SIGH! I am not tired of reminding him to be truthful always but i do wonder if we doing so effectively.

The biggest exasperation is when they fall ill- esp at the same time. Since last Friday, the last day of Term 2, the big 2- Princess and Adorable- have been ill ;(( 

Princess is still running a fever but Adorable is improving. To hear him cough the previous as often as he breathed was heartbreaking. I think his illness was triggered by chocolate overload the day before. SIGH- for a chocolate lover, his fave snack always leads to coughing bouts. Recently I have controlled his intake and balance the occasional snack with cooling and healthier alternative. 

Princess hardly falls ill but this time its quite bad- having high fever (over 38C) for more than two days. I tend to take my brood’s illnesses very personally- what did I give them wrong? What did I miss out? etc etc

Usually Manuka Honey tends to curb symptoms at the earliest signs. But Princess came down with fever so sudden. ;o

Hope they all get well- and Sunshine remains unscathed to enjoy rest of the hols!


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