Exhilarating Moments

Ah- with the exasperation come the exhilaration! And I firmly believe that these joyful moments make the woeful ones bearable, even negligible at times (tho not very often ๐Ÿ˜‰

The exhilarating moments are far too many to list here but let me try and recount as much as possible. And this is one post I will try update whenever such moments come by ;D

Exhilaration is when-

  • I see Princess immersing herself in books and magazines
  • She shares some info she picked ย up or shares anecdotes about school
  • Princess is able to overcome little trials on her own, especially after repeated efforts
  • She takes initiative to get work done!ย 
  • She tries new stunt or shares some invention or ‘creative’ ideas ;P
  • Adorable made numerous Mother’s Day cards this year and one said- Mummy be (sic) queen. Whoa!- That really flew me to cloud nine! ;D
  • He does his work before watching TV or using computer, without any prompting from me.
  • He tries to spell unfamiliar words using phonetics
  • He started reading and become literate. He enjoys reading signboards now, often checks the TV guide to read program titles ;p
  • He reminds me things that are due in school and need my follow up.
  • Sunshine puts his short arms around my neck when sleeping. Him pulling me close to him is the ultimate HIGH!
  • He smiles his toothless grin, his eyes twinkling brighter than any star.
  • He says ‘Thank you, Mummy’ in his ultra charming way and how he frequently showers his love for me.
  • He shares what he learnt in school.
  • He responsibly keeps away his things and toys all by himself, without any prompting.ย 
  • Both boys join me in hand washing the clothes.
  • The brood is running care-freely in the open space of Botanic Gardens.ย 

As you can see, the list can be endless and be sure to tune in later for the updates. And these moments make parenthood exhilarating. ;D

Update in July-

  • Princess has gotten to finishing an entire book (those 100 pgs kind ๐Ÿ™‚ in one day! Yippee… a fellow bookworm in the family ;D
  • Sunshine using the skate scooter easily, all learnt by himself.
  • All turning off TV on their own and occupying themselves with own craft activities and etc

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