When Princess joined the Scouts, daddy bought a couple of sleeping bags, one for her to take to the camp and another for the boys. 

Since then, ‘camping’ in the living room with daddy has become something of a weekend ritual ;D The older two children look forward to Friday and Sat nights cos they know they can sleep with daddy in their sleeping bags and enjoy the night chats and playing with torches. The youngest would always asks to join them but then changes his mind when its close to his sleeping time- he still prefers sleeping with mummy ;p

During this weekly night ritual- they chat past midnight, shine torch light and enjoy shadow play or watch TV til they fall asleep ;o Whatever they choose, I am happy that they have started some kind of ritual on their own. For a family that is hardly religious and not into practicing any traditions, this simple event is very meaningful for me. 

I clearly remember one night when Adorable kept urging to go sleep quickly so that he can spend the time with Daddy. Bittersweet moment cos I realise he needs time away from mummy, growing into a big boy in his own time.

However I do not like the fact that they sleep on the cold hard floor, tho the sleeping bags are on a thin comforter. Eventually daddy’s back hurts after these nights ‘out’ and I am not too sure if its good for the brood as well. And although the children had planned for entire June  of camping nights, it did not  materialise what with Daddy’s busy work schedule and my concern with them sleeping too often on the floor. 

Hope to come up with a solution so they get to enjoy these moments with Daddy as often as they want!


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