Go exercise, Mummy!

It was another nightly chat. Adorable asked why I had a wobbly tummy ;o And if it would grow bigger, bigger and bigger and explode ;<

Being the usual factual mummy, i told him it was because I have not been exercising. He urged me to go start exercising. I then ‘protested’ that that would take my time away from them.Β 

The ever ‘wise’ and solution seeking son of mine then retorted:’Go exercise, just the way you go to office or to class. Go exercise, Mummy!’

So what am I waiting for??!?? ;p


6 thoughts on “Go exercise, Mummy!

  1. Yah, what are you waiting for, ah? *haha*

    My SIL who does marathons is really slim and she’s like 47 years old!

    But smart lah – she only has 2 kids.

    • Actually, I have started going to gym again (free entry is one of the perks of the Lady’s Card πŸ˜‰ Hey, number of children has nothing to do with intelligence ok ;> I wish I could do marathons as well- used to be a long distance runner during school days. Not sure if joints can take it ;(( so young yet such complaint ;o

  2. Hai, 2 kids, body still easier to re-shape than with 3 or 4 kids, mah! I wasn’t talking about intelligence. I said she’s Smart to only have 2 kids – not to stress herself out too much.

    • Okz, point noted. Hai- apologies for another cross-understanding of your msg ;p Actually its more of the condition of the body pre-birth than the number of children delivered, rite. Thats why models (famously) get back into shapes so much faster- a good local example is the wife of the famous footballer ;))

  3. haha! my SIL was chubby – more so than me at her wedding! And I was only 23 then. You do realise that with more kids, the abdominal muscles get separated so even with exercise, you won’t get it back to 6-pack status unless it is medically treated?

    • No need 6-pack la. Just fit into Medium, or even better back to Small, sized pants and skirts, I’d be very happy!;D For all the well-intended like reminders, I still believe consistent fitness will make me shed the extra kilos. Of course, the fitness ‘gurus’ also tell me to mind the diet aspect ;o

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