A very funny birthday card

Princess informed the younger brother that it was her classmate’s birthday the following day. And Adorable got busy making a card and wrapping some of his toys as a present. It was his own inclination; even Princess had no clue what he had been up to.

The next morning, I saw the package and his card for the classmate (an absolute stranger to my son). All written (sic), in pencil, by Adorable with no help from anyone. (Naturally, when you read the contents, that is so obvious!)

Ryan’s card


Bith day



(Adorable’s name) to Ryan

Read it


Keep ย it safe

if you lost it

I will kick

your but.


I could not stop laughing for hours ;D


2 thoughts on “A very funny birthday card

  1. That is so cute, hahahah.
    But I’m not surprised. Adorable is vair capable of someth like tht.
    Of course luh, with a cuzzie like yours truly, ^^

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