Cherishing the Cherubs

The blog is getting rather Mummy-centric ;b so I thought i’d share a few minor updates about my delightful darlings ;D

Princess is getting to be a voracious bookworm. During the National Day weekend, she managed to plow through 3 novels within a day!!! Well, she does hail from a family book(maniac)worms ;> So far, she spends the time after getting her work done, reading. Good that she has priorities in place, though she still needs to work on few other issues hindering her progress. She has been responsible for her hair accessories after I had threatened to cut her hair short, the day she loses the items. And her hair is getting longer thicker and rather nice too. Will have to think of other ‘styles’ for her, than the 2 pony tails she wears every morning. 

Adorable- nightly chats with him are so varied and heart-warming. He does tend to brood over morbid topics like death and afterlife. Earlier it was about aliens in space. His idea of experiment for now, is to add various item in water (such as cut straw, tags etc) and observe them when the water is frozen. He is also starting to plan for his birthday in October. And this I must share- his sense of time or rather self-learning of time concept is amazing. Not sure if he had picked it up in school but he always checks for the programme duration on TV. And he has a very good grasp of calculating time. Now he is keen to know more time in other countries. Earlier, he was telling me that 70 mins after 4 o’clock is 5.10. For someone who does not have complete formal learning in the concept of time- that is pretty marvellous by my standards! ;D

Sunshine- this boy is  really getting more than a handful! Extremely exuberant, amazingly affectionate and chaotically cheeky ;o Once he tried eating ice-cream using the handle of the spoon to scoop the dessert. Then still holding onto the scoop part in his mouth, he got some ice-cream on the handle and fed me, totally handsfree. What can I say about this infuriatingly incredible illuminator!


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