Free as a cloud

I was supposed to publish this the first day after my last day at work. Am glad I waited two weeks, cos I think I can share a more realistic view of my situation. Of course it will get more realistic over the months as finances get stretched and the drone of daily life overcomes my current enthusiasm ;>

I am still exulting in my freedom from full-time work. Though staying at home with 3 children is no longer a languishing walk in the park either. Seeing to their growth as good people, their studies, tending to the home (with plenty help from the husband 😉 can be overwhelming and so tiring at times. I also realise there is so much unlearning for myself and the brood. All had become dependant on the helper, who is now with my aunt’s family. 

But hey, I  call the shots now and I get to live my life the way I want it. With such freedom, comes much greater accountability as 3 lives are very much dependant on the decisions I make now. Its this awareness that is making me review how I go about living. I can no longer run around like a headless chicken ;p And time is very precious. For moi who lives by own time own target, there has to be major reshuffle in the ‘genetic’ make-up ;b

Let me indulge sharing alil about the freedom I have enjoyed for myself. I once came across a local competition asking participants to send in entries about representations of themselves. I recently realised that I would like a cloud to be my symbol. And while strolling along the race track in front of the Pit building, I noticed a cloud is what I am. 

Constantly changing shape and direction- thats very much me! ;D Some may find it erratic and even without direction. I see it spontaneous and without restrain. 

The past 18months or so has been a whirlwind for me. So many varied opportunities pondered over and choices offered…at times I could not even keep up with myself! ;>

As much as I enjoy the constant change, I know it is not so good for the brood. Hence I am trying to replace certain habits so that I become a better mummy. 

There are two main projects for me now- decluttering the flat so that the boys get their own room soon and homeschooling Adorable. Major journeys for me… stay tuned for the exciting developments ;)))

PS: one BIG plus point about staying home, i get to watch the RERUNS of 7th Heaven weekdays 3pm! Yipee!!! 😀


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