Sunshine falls sick ;(((

Since Friday, Baby Sunshine has been ill- fever with temperature fleeting between 37 deg to 39 deg and coughing badly. 

I  noticed that he seemed listless as he  returned from school. We had been planning to go out with his friend and I had all the snacks prepared. Upon return, he insisted on going out despite curling up on the sofa appearing tired. Soon his temperature began rising. I believe that fever is one way of the body fighting against infection- hence instead of giving paracetamol right away, I gave lots of water to drink and got him to rest. I also applied the cool gel on his forehead. Occasionally he threw up the morsels of food he tried. At night, I did give medicine as temperature can increase more during sleep and also to stop the throwing up. And for a while, he returned to his cheeky self despite the body feeling very hot. Thankfully the fever subsided at night. 

Saturday afternoon- he has been refusing food and sleeping throughout the morn. As he awoke close to noon, asking for water- I noticed his eyes were red and he was very hot. Quickly I got Daddy to take him to hospital. Apparently his temperature taken there was at 40 deg and he was administered a suppository. I planned to get Manuka honey with higher UFM (currently they take ufm 10 daily) but slipped my mind as I tended to other errands ;o It was another weak night for Sunshine. 

Yesterday, it was another woeful morning with mummy next to him throughout. He has been asking for milk/ water and finally then decided to have fishball noodles. He kept dismissing other food choices as he felt they ‘taste yucky’. He only had the food late afternoon, eating very little each time but cheerfully. He asked for the fishballs to be cut into tiny pieces- easier for him to chew and also to make them last longer ;p And with the food and medicine,  he seemed to have recovered. He mustered energy to play while seated and moved around alittle and resumed his bossy self ;>. Then he took a nap and after that, it was back to the tired and weak. Since then he has refused any food except water. He threw up occasionally bringing up phlegm. I reduced his puff intakes as there was no more any wheezing.

And this morning, he is still weak and mere shadow of himself. He is refusing all food tho he asked for milk, it is still waiting to be drunk. He just wants be with mummy and now lying down to watch some TV, while coughing occasionally. There is no fever since last night and I just want him to recover soon. 

As any mother will share, it is always heart-ache when a child falls ill. And of course I cant wait to see the Baby back to his boisterous self!

Late update (in Nov)– it was another 3 days before he started recovering. After the post above, I had taken him to the GP where, while waiting, he did act his cheeky self albeit still weak. Fever continued to persist. And after listening to mummies’ good advice, I put aside my anti-medicine notions and started giving him paracetamol regularly even when temperature came down. I was advised to alternate between ibuprofen and paracetamol as his temperature was hovering around 39 deg. 

I also took him to the playground (another advice to take him walking) but away from other children. He had asked for jelly and seeing him eat it gleeful was such a relief. I can still clearly recall his smiling expression and how hopeful I felt. And, shortly after he started recovering, slowly gained his appetite and temperature became normal. He was ill for a week and that has made him lost his chubby look. It has happened to all my children. Just as they start putting on some flesh, around the age 3 to 4, they succumbed to such illness and get stuck in their thin frames ;((  

With the weeklong illness, the bug spread. And thats for the next post!


4 thoughts on “Sunshine falls sick ;(((

  1. Hi Santhi, it’s so heartening to read your posts – makes me want to put those memories on record too, before they start fading with time. But so much to do, so little time…

    • Thank you for visiting. Yes, Andrea. I so agree with you about memories fading with time and also having so little time to record them properly. I now realise that maintaining a blog can be really time-consuming yet enjoyable and rewarding. I cannot imagine doing myself with a full-time job!

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