All too quiet

Yes, I am very aware that I had gone missing for two months… It was a most sluggish period after Sunshine fell sick (there will be a short update on his recovery in that same post). And its another quiet period in my home  that is prompting me to get back to blogging.

Princess  is away on her very first Scouts’ year-end trip. This year (due to the bleak economy, they have gone to nearby Kota Tinggi) her school scouts are camping out at Mawai Eco-camp. According to her Akhela, they will be  living in the jungle, near a swamp area. 

These annual trips are one main reason I had urged Princess to join the Scouts. At least she’d have an avenue for frequent travelling and learn more about the world outside her oyster shell. Though this year’s destination is not as ‘exciting’ as the previous  years’- think New Zealand and Japan- I believe she will have a steep learning curve. 

When we learnt of some of the itinerary- raft building, water obstacles and trekking and more trekking- I was so excited for her. Packing the things needed, collecting the passport at ever so last-minute…

I initially thought she was going to be away for 3 days. It was only at the pre-departure briefing, about 4 days before the trip that I learnt that its actually a 4 day trip. What is one more day? you may ask… It was another 24 hours away from our precious princess. 

Yes, we have been missing her terribly. Right after I left her in the school. I did not stay til the coaches left; firstly the boys were still sleeping on their own at home. And I am a very emotional person, I did not want to be tearing and waving good-bye. 

Since the first day she left, both daddy and I been have grumpy of some sorts. Daddy even took to sleeping in her bed! I did not expect to miss her so much. Its been all too quiet. My wonderful boys have been boisterous as  usual, and missing their sister in their own ways. But we miss her melodious voice. We miss having her around. Boys had been asking when she would return. From counting the days, I am now counting the hours.

I had been wondering about the food she had (she can be picky and eats little when its healthy food 😉 the weather there- it has been raining here daily and her sleeping area and the various activities she would have been involved in. They have been staying in a longhouse- one without walls! I had bought a band for her to use as headscarf. It was forgotten and left behind. How has she coped? Did she miss us like we did?

Before she left, I spoke to her about being homesick. She did assure she would be too busy and excited with her friends. She was also planning to bring back a leech (the camp area is apparently full of these creatures!) and getting chewing gum (her fave snack from up north 😉 I have been telling daddy that I may not send her next year if it means to miss her so much. Will I get used to such absence? Do I even want to get used to her being away annually? I remember how much I missed her in the afternoons when she started primary school. And all too soon, the boys will join her in the future. 

Today, as we anticipate her return, we have her fave food ready- mee kuah, potato and leek soup,  passion fruits, mango and chilled mint tea. I cant wait to see the Princess and hear of her adventures. And to bask in her twinkling smile!

And yes the pictures will be shared. (She has brought our very first own digital camera. Hope it has survived! ;))

Hopefully in another two hours, she will be with us… chirpy, bossy and ever lovely daughter!

PS- I just realised how the weather is reflecting our mood. The past gloomy days were such woeful wet ones and today the sun has been shining (as opposed ot the Met service’ prediction ;P just as we are uplifted, awaiting for the Princess.


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