Our independant, resilient adventurer

They had already arrived by the time we reached Princess’ school. I was very surprised but I suppose the clear weather ensured a smooth journey back home. Boys missed out on the playground time as Mummy ran into to see the precious princess. She was standing by her luggage and waiting for us. Welcomed her with a big hug!

Her team leader updated us that Princess coped well in the camp- independant. Apparently she had tummy upset the last night and was quite homesick but overall she was fine. Her Akhela shared that it was a ‘discovery’ time for him as he had noticed how resilient and independant she was during the activities. She had listened carefully and was responsible. Needless to say, mummy was beaming with pride 😀 I did expect her, and very glad that she did, come out of her shell during the 4 days with her fellow cubs. For all her boisterous and bossy persona at home, she can be as meek as a mouse when in school or other classes. She prefers it that way she says. 

Her fave part of the camp was mountain climbing (they had gone up a 300m hill 😉 I need not have worried about the food. Apparently she had all her other favourite makan there- nasi lemak, mutton, chicken and more mutton and chicken! According to her, she is ‘sensitive to cold water’! Meaning she did not take to the cold showers there (and we had forgotten to tell her not to expect water heaters ;)) She was sharing some of her favourite camp songs. Apparently instead of a proper campfire, they had a light instead so I was calling it their camplight ;p

She took all less than 20 pictures! She only used the camera the first day at the camp and subsequently forgot to bring along the digicam. At least that shows she was not in a touristy mood ;p I do hope the organisers can help share the photos of the entire camp. Really would like to see the activities they had been busy with. 

She returned home and enjoyed her long overdue hot bath (the first thing she wanted, once at home! 😉 followed by hot Milo. While her brothers munched on the candies and choc she bought for us, she enjoyed her dinner at home. And after 4 days of no TV, she is now making up for the time lost ;o No there was no leech tagging but a big black ant had stowed away in her first-aid box. Its good to have her back…


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