Drug allergy scare

This incident took place early September, just as my youngest recovered from his prolonged fever…

Just as Sunshine recovered, his older brother came down with fever. As he is older, i wanted to monitor his temperature for a day before administering medication. He was sponged throughout and drank plenty of water. He can be good to himself. He made himself drink regularly when I told  him it would help him. 

Another mother had shared this cooling recipe- Boil young papaya (leaves are even better). Sweeten with dried winter melon or honey. The concotion can help bring down temperature. It was very effective when Princess started feeling feverish. It kept the bug at bay away from her and she was not affected. 

Back to Adorable, whose body was very hot despite constant sponging. Finally at night, anticipating even higher temperature, I decided to give him ibuprofen right away as he had been having little bit of food. And that was the start of about 2  hrs scare…

After giving him the medicine and getting him to rest, daddy and I made a quick trip to the supermarket. Shortly after, Princess called to say Adorable’s eyes were swelling. I began to panic and started suspecting allergy. 

Immediately upon return, my worst fears were confirmed. I rushed him to the A&E. There was no temperature though. He had fallen sleep, out of tiredness or the weakness from the fever, i had no idea. At the hospital, the allergy was confirmed and as his fever had subsided, we returned home shortly. 

Next day, Adorable recovered from the fever completely. I did not give him any medicine – just plenty of fluids and the cooling papaya brew. It took another couple of days before his face returned to normal. 

What a week that was! Such steep learning curve for me in managing each child’s illness… and the whole episode affected me so much that I ‘disappeared’ from blogosphere and everything else I had been busy with, came to standstill…until now! ;>


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