The young cyclist!

As ‘part’ of Adorable’s very informal home-schooling, I made cycling, w/o trainer wheels,  one of the objectives. Maybe relatively late to learn at 6, but at least he will cycle before entering primary school! ;>

Finally, daddy got around to removing the trainer wheels on Sunday. My eager beaver quickly got set for his cycling lesson. Being the usual anxious self, he kept asking if he would fall. Daddy and I told him that  was part of learning and he would soon learn to balance and cycle without any falls.

I took him down and held onto the bike while he ‘rode’ out to the sheltered area. I then explained to him about balancing; I related it to his learning how ‘to control’ the spinning beams at the playground. I then let him try out riding on his own, expecting to catch him during the initial falls. To my immense surprise and very proud pleasure, he picked up cycling in about 15mins, and without any falls!! ;D

I was cheering and clapping away as I beamed while he slowly but very very steadily rode around on his own! I did not think anyone could learn to cycle without falling (I had, so did Princess- she still does when riding on unfamiliar bicycles). Then again, as a friend had told me, just let them go. Another underestimation of my brood’s learning abilities. 

So, he is looking forward to our beach cycling (we have not done that for a very long time) and later this afternoon (with another nice weather like yesterday’s) we are planning for a ride at the nearby track. ;))

2 thoughts on “The young cyclist!

  1. Hi santhi,
    It is not that easy to learn cycling. My dd took about a month to learn how to balance. Initially she was literally riding with her feet on the ground until daddy was so fed up.
    Somehow, she managed to balance herself and that is it!
    Try to find a less crowded place and let your boy rides until he is tired!
    Have fun during the school holidays.

    • Thank you for visiting, Jasmin. Yes I agree that learning to cycle is not easy. Hence my pleasant surprise that Adorable picked it up so quickly. Hope you enjoyed your holidays too! ;D

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