(this post would have sounded really sour if I had not been in touch with some friends prior to posting ๐Ÿ˜‰

A couple of weeks ago, all communication lines were disconnected (mobile, landline and even broadband –gasp!– am switching service provider as the previous one’s customer service seems to be going downhill since winning future EPL rights, methinks!) Anyway, a call would have rectified the situation BUT the maverick wannabe ย in me, wanted to find out what it would be like to be cut off… So here are my thoughts on the disconnected days.ย 

Without broadband, there was just more TV time as a family (guess whats gonna be disconnected/ unplugged in the future ;P Children were more inclined to play indoor games together instead of individual computer time. We watched more shows as a family, sharing views- we are very much a couch potato family ;p However, being unplugged is not feasible in the long term especially one works at/ from home.

I did not think we would be missed much (thankfully phones do not ring off the hook, so unlike my working days) except maybe princess may have missed calls from her pals. Not missed simply reiterated my earlier thoughts on not having much contact with my inner circle of friends. Or have they become non-existent as I become caught up with daily catching up with children and home affairs??

Proximity also plays a part. When you are working or involved in same projects, it is easier to maintain contact with close friends. My closest friends are usually those I have known for more than 5 years. We do not really keep in constant contact as our lives are busy (what else is new?!) I remember those ultra busy time, while working, when I could not reply to friends’ texts and calls. I resented that and I did not want such lifestyle. I like to be in touch with friends so I usually send a message to say a quick hello and find out how they are. At times, I rather not be the one taking the first step all the time, kwim.ย 

As a mother, just like many of my friends/ family and others, life can get very busy. Yet, I think it is crucial to maintain friendships. We still need the adult communication to keep sanity intact and also to avoid being trapped in an oyster shell. I am simply expressing the very basic human need to be in contact with other people. People who share same views/ interests as, who support/ encourage/ motivate you. Not just through email/ blog or text messages, but personal contact. When meeting up is not easy, a phone call is great! (The maverick is now seriously considering giving up mobile phone- maybe for another post ;P) Hearing the voice of a cherished one is one great booster for the day!!

So if you have not been in touch, with anyone in your inner circle of friends or family, please make the first step. (I am not talking about mending broken bridges. That is tough, I know. Maybe this post can help you.) Give them a ring (NO text messages!) When there is no reply, then leave/ send a message to call you back. Good for you, when you get the response- otherwise its their loss. Festive and holiday seasons mean nothing if there are no friends and family to cherish and share with! So STAY in touch and Be Connected! ;D

Share with me how you maintain close friendships especially those outside work, when living a busy life ;D It will be nice to hear from you!


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