Yet to be published

I have been ultra busy with a science workshop this week and that has put me behind schedule (I know my organising/ time management skills needs brushing up. No time to do that also ;P) So I thought I will quickly post about the drafts waiting to be published and also sneak peak into posts ‘akan datang’ ;>

Daddy the Toymaker- with his creative ideas and resourcefulness, store-bought toys should really be a thing of the past!

More than just grades- my reflections at Princess’s past academic year

Soap-making workshop- The post here will be abit more detailed. You can still read a ‘preview’ here

Children’s Day- I know that was like 2 months ago! For posterity sake.ย 

Adorable’s Birthday-How can I not post on this?! Long overdue but absolute must!

I know there are more drafts and other ideas still at the back of my mind. They have been noted in my brain declutter pages… which I cannot locate now ;pSo stay tuned! ;D


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