Is it coming this way?

Sunshine, although the youngest, is marvellous in looking out for his older siblings especially his big sister. 

Once the fan was oscillating as Princess was feeling hot. However Adorable was feeling chilly and the older two were squabbling a little. The youngest quickly acted; stopped the oscillation and moved the fan towards his sister’s direction. He then turned to her, and gesturing with his little hands asked with concern “Is it (the wind) coming this way?” ;D

Another time, the chocolate Princess got was chipped. She was rather disappointed. Noticing the look on his sister’s face, Sunshine promptly offered to exchange his with her chipped one. Aww… the older two sure have lots to learn from their youngest brother!

To be honest, between me and Princess, we also spoil Sunshine. And it is obvious that the eldest and the youngest have a mutual soft spot for each other!


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