Adorable is 6!


The view from the room


Do you know where this photo was taken? Ah, thats the place we spent Adorable’s 6th birthday! ;D 

This year, his birthday fell on Deepavali. Since we do not celebrate it every year, Adorable’s birthday celebration took precedence (naturally). Keeping up with sister’s and brother’s celebrations this year, we planned something outside the home. Initially, there were plans for a holiday outside Singapore, but we just could not make up our mind on a suitable destination. When we saw the promotion at this swell hotel, we jumped at it. (Being a public holiday, when mummy and daddy just cannot stand crowded outdoors, we decided on a local hotel getaway ;))

(another) Ben 10 Omnitrix- waiting to be eaten!


That was the cake- yummy rich moist chocolate spongecake! (THANK YOU, Buttercup & Friends) The hotel also gave us another complimentary cake- equally mouthwatering… So yeah, we were all spoilt for cakes that weekend!

As he had requested, we went to the Flyer at night. Personally, I prefer the Flyer by the day- easier to appreciate the scenery. Nevertheless, with the great company of his cousins, all had a swell time.

The next day, thanks to a very late check-out time, the brood spent entire time after breakfast at the pool. I must say, all had this birthday had (almost) all rolled into one- hotel holiday, Flyer at night and leisurely time at the pool. (Mummy should give herself a pat on the back for making birthdays extra special this year!)

Check out our photos…


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