Chilling out with friends


Lovely time with lovely ladies (B, EL and S)

It was another chill-out time for the ‘special ladies’ above. And as of today, the next one may not be for another LONG time ;((

B is relocating and is temporarily putting up in her church. There’s such a big open space and great for the children to run about. Just as children had a fabulous time, so did the mummies- as always when we get together. There was great food to complement the fantabulous time- mee soto with such thick yummy gravy, generous bagadel and the ladies’ fave dhalcha and my new fave- brinjal in yoghurt. 

Good food and Great Friends- can there be a better combination???

We will miss B very very very ‘muchly’ (one of B’s talkism 😉 I have learnt so much from her and despite the very short time I have known her, she has made great impact. She is very generous, warm-hearted and… there is so much to list here and I know she’d blush to read the honor roll here;p  All who know her will agree that she is a most wonderful person. 

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