Killing is not a game!

Adorable spends plenty time online playing games. Sunshine is slowly being drawn into too, but being a kinesthetic person, he runs off to other ‘purposeful’ activities.

Needless to say, there are the usual battle and ‘fighting’ games in Adorable’s bookmarks. I keep an eye on him, ‘check and balance’ his online activities. He likes me to sit with him or even play the games with him (those that I can make sense of, I do join 😉 

Once he asked me to watch him play an ancient civilisation game. It showed characters being beheaded. Alarm bells went off in my head.

I told him firmly that such are NOT good games. ‘Killing is not a game.’ I briefly explained to him about death and killing. Even though such are very prevalent nowadays in media, they are not acceptable. I asked him to discontinue and not to play such games in the future.

The next night, he came to me describing a game and asked if he could play such a game. I did not pay too much attention to his description. Nevertheless, I took it for a teachable moment. I asked him what he thought about the game and if it was a good/ suitable one for him to play. I need him to make his own (ideally mutually agreeable) decisions. 

He thought about it briefly and decided that he would not want to play such game. I was very heartened to hear his choice and was assured that he is capable of thinking for himself and also to make (good) choices. As always, I pray that this attribute lasts for a lifetime.

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