Last days of 2009

Ahh… the perennial reflective post ;p

to keep it simple, I would say 2009 is an even-out year- meaning whatever downs we had, were countered with the ups. So no complaints. 

Looking Back

Daddy: workwise- about the same. Some changes with a little more responsibilities. semi-retired from football. Seems very chummy with a new-found friend. More creative with toys and cooking.

Mummy- fleeting as ever but now with more direction and new options to explore. I love it when the grey matter has to work harder! discovered a new galaxy in blogosphere. 

Brood- all growing well and getting stronger in mind and will. 

Sunshine– 2009 is the year he learnt to converse in English. He jibbers away in both languages with much ease! Of course, Mummy has to look out that he speaks in grammatically acceptable sentences ;p

Adorable– He learnt cycling; stayed home with mummy the past 6 months under the pretext of home-schooling. Growing to be a real gentleman in the making, I must say. ;>

Princess– Her learning curve may not be as steep as her brothers’. Yet she is growing so rapidly in her own way. She is now into blogging (after watching Mummy at the computer :), is learning to unicycle (hoping to post on that in the near future) and reading avidly as ever.

Looking forward

So much to anticipate in 2010! Two of them in primary school; youngest sunshine in K1. Mummy’s new hobbies and plans. 

Of course, (almost) all will be shared here! Enjoy the week ahead ;D


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