Sprinkly Squeakly Simple Xmas

sssdarlings’ debut video on YouTube

Thats how Xmas began for us this year. Presents, sprinklers and some late night fun. 

We decided not to put up the tree this year (just for fun and also sticking with the minimal Xmas fuss for this year) thus the brood got to open their pressies at midnight. Again sticking to fuss-free, no toys but school essential and some great sticker-reference books  from mummy’s cousin. I don’t think they have been more thankful or delighted before.


Unwrapped pressies

 On Xmas day, as promised we went to watch the sequel to ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ (very so-so, as expected of most sequels, no catchy songs but plenty laughs)

Us and Chipmunks

I must say, I LOVE The Cathay. For a cineplex in the heart of city, it is so NOT crowded (of course the show times need to be selected to avoid the avid movie packs) I also realised that I can get cheaper tix or even free. with certain CC (points).

It was a very stress-free and comfy xmas. Unlike last year, when we feasted on traditional turkey and the likes, this year we relished daddy’s home-made goodies (another post coming on his culinary skills 😉 It is nice not to keep up with the usual festive frenzy, but of course this is just a break. I already have some fancy plans for next year’s Christmas! ;D

Hope you and your loved ones had a blessed and love-filled Christmas!


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