2010 is here! – Plans and Goals

Yes- 2010 is here! ;D

Notice the two buttons on the top right of this blog? I did that! I managed to figure how to get them to be displayed (though Simple Mom’s title is as well-aligned as I would like 😉 That just adds on to my excitement for this new year. (Any tech experts reading may scoff at this seemingly simple task, but for a blogger who still does not know the meaning of CSS, thats one big deal! ;D

Erm, back to my new year post! REally cannot recall the last time I had been so welcoming and excited about a new year. Thank goodness, I am not jaded (yet or never;) 


Why am I so excited? There are much to look forward as I had mentioned in the post about the last days of the last year.

Before I move to the more important reasons, the two buttons on the right are part of the reasons for my excitement. Messy me can do with big help in the organisation department and the latent bookworm in me can do with some quality literary input ;P So join me, if you will!

Oh, please take note that these are not resolutions. I still have yet to make my mind on which resolution to stick to. Definitely there will be one, after successfully sticking to my last year’s ;D <I know I am singing a different tune from last  year, but isn’t it a nice change ;>

Another part of my excitement is this site: http://6changes.com

I am looking forward to my grey matter and areas for improvements getting a big boost through these 3 advents. I will update my progress,  especially about the 6 changes- ala review/ try and testing ;p 

Family goals, or plans for the year will focus more on the children’s schooling. Princess will start on her 2year preparation for PSLE next year, Adorable begins his primary school journey and Sunshine needs to start learning to read. 

Ah, these tasks, in tandem can be daunting.  Isnt that parenting journey all about? Daunting tasks being overcome one by one, buoyed by the energy of the little ones- though the little ones can also drain our energy ;p

There are more pressing areas too, like getting our finance and health plans in shape. These will fall in place as the optimist in me believes ;> We will remain single-income for now, by choice and that already has stacked some obstacles against us. Despite the hurdles I foresee, the foolhardy/ optimist me believes that this is going to be one wonderful year!

And I wish you and your loved ones the same excitement for A MOST FABULOUS 2010!


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