Visiting Duolos- for the final time


Duolos- now decommissioned


I remember that I had taken Princess to the floating book fair many years back, when she was very young. 

When I heard that the ship is back again, for the last time, I grabbed the chance to take the boys. Though I did not get anything (most were familiar titles and in a frenzy to keep the youngest in sight, I did not get the book about the ship, with a model ;(, I am still glad that I had the last chance to walk aboard. 

MV Doulos, with a Christian mission, is ‘recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest active  ocean-going passenger ship’. 

For me, it is one of a kind and it is sad that one  with a noble purpose of ‘Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope to the People of the World’ will no longer sail around the world. 

The boys were amazed at the ship but were nervous walking onboard and sadly, not excited by the books (they could not wait to go to the water playground at the mall!) Nonetheless, they took in sights onboard. The steep flight of rounded steps will be unforgettable for them ;>

Final Poster


Notice at Entrance


My boys- waiting to go onboard!


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