Awaiting the first day of school

Tomorrow school reopens. Its such a big milestone for our children.

Princess  will be in upper primary, her last  two years in primary school. Adorable starts his primary school journey (I call them roller coaster rides- its a double ride for us! ;p) The youngest, Sunshine, will be in K1, serious pre-school now ;>

The past one week has been one of great anticipation- what with some school shopping, books arriving and packing the bag. Sunshine was rather envious when  two boxes filled with school books arrived for his older siblings. He soon got over it, by packing his own bag with just his pencil-box ;>

Princess, seasoned to school preparation needed no help; while Adorable amazed me with his organisation of  books in his school bag- that skill is surely inherited from the daddy ;p

For the very first time, I will go through a period when my children will be in different sessions. I have lamenting on that to my family, just about forever! Whenever possible (more like when I was up to it;) I would take children to parks and just chill out. I love being with my children when (almost) the rest of my countrypeople are working away- some caught in rat race. 

I am so going to MISS that!!! Yes, I will especially miss Adorable, just the same way I missed Princess when she started going to primary school. Only then, I had no idea  how much I would miss her, unlike now. 

Gong gong me realised, very recently, that my usual relaxed schedule needs a complete overhaul since I have two young boys to get ready in the morning. I am also worrying how Adorable will cope between lunch at home and his (second) recess in school. Like most boys, he gets hungry frequently. I have been giving them frequent small meals. The four hour gap between his meals/ snacks is really making me rather anxious ;o

I never had to worry about my children’s academic ability- hope to remain that way ;)) Its just (not so) nitty gritty things- peer influence/ pressure, social manners among others that make me apprehensive. 

Well, its all part of parenting journey. While we worried about the seemingly endless periods of illness when they were younger, now school matters take precedence. And as they grow, I am sure I will be more perturbed by even more pressing issues. I shall take it all in stride just like all other parents. Its another rite of passage for me, as a mummy.


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