Menu planning- Jan 2nd week


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I have been sharing recipes on a couple of forums lately. A food blog (not yes, another one!;)) is also waiting in line. Since I aim to be more consistent in planning meals, I thought I may just start sharing the links that I refer to and share my culinary experiments.

By no means, I am an accomplished cook (I firmly believe that the daddy is a much better cook than I am) but I do cook for a hungry brood almost daily and I love to experiment. To my credit, my success rate is getting higher and higher ;D Well, you know what they say about practice makes perfect. (And as I have assured a good friend, if I can do it, anybody can! The Asian cook, who coined that phrase, has no right to say that, not when he can chop/dice the way he does ;o)

So here’s my first menu plan for the year (these will be posted here until my food blog is ready to be published 😉 Oh, another thing to take note,  I may not always follow the menu according to each day. Meaning, although I had planned to make the fried rice and fish cakes on Tuesday, I swopped them to Sunday- thats the whimsy me ;> However, this plan will be my guide to my marketing. Whenever possible, I will also post updates and share my learnings (aka areas for improvement ;)) 

Sunday (10/01) – Shrimp Fried Rice and Thai Fish cake  {Brood found the rice too pepperish and daddy liked the fish cakes. I think the latter can be improved- though I cannot specify how)

Monday (11/01) – Baked Spaghetti ( I have already made the sauce using this recipe , using cherry tomatoes instead of tinned ones) (Spaghetti mixed with egg, butter and cheese gave it the creamy sauce taste which I love but not the brood. So it was kinda nice to have ‘best’ of both sauce taste. Children need time to take to this dish. There was so much left that the remaining is frozen for another meal)

Tuesday (12/01) – Mutton curry with spinach raita. I may serve these with Zucchini rice since I have those. Adorable had been asking for fried rice so daddy obliged. 

Wednesday (13/01) – Chicken rice (made with ready-made paste) and honey lemon chicken. I am still pondering what salad/ veg to add. (All suggestions will be greatly welcomed ;)) (Sauce was very lemony sour. Since the whole family loves lemons and sour taste, it was ok with us. No more lemon chicken rice from the stall ;))

Thursday (14/01) – Phad Thai (this is modified from an online recipe which will be posted once I locate it ;))  Adorable asked for mutton curry and cucumber raita. Since daddy was home that day, I could go and get the mutton from market. We did not use the usual masala mix hence the curry was not yummy as usual ;o

Friday (15/01) – Glass noodles with minced meat  Mummy was feeling sluggish and thankfully had leftovers for lunch and Macdelivery for dinner ;(

Saturday (16/01) – Zucchini/ Herb rice with Thai beef stir fry  Daddy agreed to make pizza and there was plenty of cheese to be used up anyway.

You may notice that some dish do not have links cos they are our home tried and tested dishes. These recipes will be shared in the very near future.

Hope you find some of these sites helpful when you are up to cooking yourself and feel free to let me know how they turn out when you make them ;D


2 thoughts on “Menu planning- Jan 2nd week

  1. ooh, yes! another food blog to haunt! pls let me know when you’ve started. meantime i’ve to get off my bum n start menu planning too!

    for this week i’ve only got 2 dishes cooked. tau yu bak (soy sauce pork belly) and jap chicken curry with onions, carrot, potato, broccoli n green beans (which i treat more as a stew). i also steamed a large piece of tofu with teriyaki sauce and stir fried green beans with onions n sambal out of a jar. tt was our dinner last night.

    the tau yu bak will be served again tonight (with the addition of a couple more hard boiled eggs) with stir fried broccoli n carrots for veggies.

    the jap curry will be served again on wed night with stir fried cabbage n carrot n probably an omelette.
    thurs night is usually pasta night – have not decided what pasta. will go take a look at your baked pasta n see if i can find inspiration.

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