School’s IN! – 2010

First week and its excitement has passed. The second week sees us settling into various school routines and schedules. Let me  share the first day pictures…


Princess came back first day to relate how her teachers have stressed with the talk about PSLE. Had to remind her that all climbs are hard and need effort, but always worth the while. 
Adorable- settling in nicely. Prefers eating from canteen stall to his own home snacks as he enjoys the playing the paying customer. Asked to go to the bookshop the very first day- to shop just like his sister! The first evening he returned from school, he did not alight at the block causing mummy to be anxious until the bus driver called out his name with the mic. Smiling sheepishly he walked down the steps. And he has this lovely habit of turning to wave goodbye just before boarding the school bus. There is much to share about his first week… 
Sunshine- really makes us beam with pride. His Chinese teacher is impressed with his positive attitude at trying new things and more. She was singing  his praises when I met her few days after school started. 
Yes, they are enjoying school and missing one another esp in the afternoons. Mummy finds the short silent respite (when all are at school) rather disturbing. More on that in another post. The following picture is how I always want my brood to be- happy together!

During Adorable's first recess in primary school



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