Menu Planning- Jan 3rd week

Used in previous week's Baked spaghetti

Wheat spaghetti and cherry tomatoes- Baked Spaghetti (from previous week)


The changes in previous week’s menu plan were obviously numerous. Thats me- I survive in flexibility and not in being rigidly stuck to plans. As I had mentioned- these are guides for my marketing and mainly stand-by lest I get attacked by ‘cooking block’ ;> In fact, the draft menu I had planned for this week, on my google calendar is so different from the one I made for marketing list and even the version I share here varies greatly from the first version. So I will now update my online calendar as I do rely a fair bit on the email reminders ;P No worries for me- I just keep all the ideas for future reference. 

Talking about ideas- the parenting forum had been abuzz with recipes and a good friend share more veg recipes. So the next couple of weeks will see me experimenting with veg dishes. After all that cheese and western meals (daddy declared he missed having rice! 😉 its back to basic Indian cooking for a while, using whats remaining in my fridge. Thats another vital aspect of menu planning- cooking with what you have. My fridge is still filled to the edges so my marketing will be kept minimal this week. 

(Expectedly, I did not follow strictly to the plan below. I have updated what i remember of cooking and enjoying some of the dishes below)

Sunday (17/01) – Veg dhal (sambar) and chicken sambal.

Monday (18/01) – Meatball spaghetti soup and home-made burgers (Sunshine had been asking for meatballs since last week)

Tuesday (19/01) – Spinach dhal, fried bittergourd and sardine sambal  It was spinach raita, with herb rice and mongolian beef. The entire combo was simply super, the only positive highlight for a most unproductive day then.

Wednesday (20/01) – Nasi lemak, ikan bilis sambal and omelette with grated carrots

Thursday (21/01) – Kitcheri with tempeh sambal and beef stir fry

We will be heading to Bintan for the weekend for Sunshine’s birthday. I will be back in the kitchen the following Tuesday. Most probably will depend on daddy to make something on Monday evening to sustain us for the next day. (I just learnt to schedule future posts so there will be a menu plan for the 4th week as soon as my brain gets to it! ;))

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