Turning 5 in Bintan


Chocolate Birthday cake- words by Sunshine


About a week ago, Sunshine turned 5. When we wished him in the morning, when he had woken up, he shushed us and told us that he will only be 5 years old in Bintan! ;p

By noon we had started for the Tanah Merah Ferry terminal and soon on our way to Bintan. Despite the heavy rain that morning, the weather remained clear and sunny throughout the day and the weekend. It was definitely a fun day for the entire family as we checked into a clean spacious villa, spent the afternoon and early evening at the shiok beach. Sunshine had great fun riding the buggy with daddy. He was appointed leader for the day, a role which he relished tremendously. 

He loved his birthday cake and was regretful when it was all consumed. He had wanted to bring back some to Singapore ;>

Its very clear that the baby of the family is growing all so quickly. He kept referring to the hermit crabs at the  as ‘mermaid crabs’ ;> Upon realising that I was still teasing him about it upon our return, he promptly has made effort to say it correctly. He is so much taller and starting to read few words. 

Weeks before the birthday, I was ‘grumbling’ about him growing so quickly and that he will not be so cute anymore (IMHO, after 5 yos, children lose their cuteness and just start growing up!) He then solemnly promised, with his usual cheeky smile, he will remain cute and will always love and hug mommy. Well, he still keeps his words. I will always cherish the way his small arms reach out to me, at night, pull me close to his head and hold me tight. He is now speaking to me mostly in English and I am starting to worry about him losing his grasp of Tamil.

He asked if his birthday would come again. I replied that many many many happy and healthy birthdays will follow for him. yes, as any parent, I wish my cherubic Sunshine numerous returns of happy healthy birthdays!


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