What’s there to cook?

Obviously I had not planned the menu for this week. I was frenzy packing for the weekend at Bintan and also concerned that things for school will be ready when we return. Thankfully the fridge was quite well-stocked (which is not so earth friendly when going away). When we returned, I did not even bother to plan menu. Just took a quick inventory of whats available and relied on my whimsy mood to cook what I felt like. So these were the items I had at the beginning of the week (which I tried to use up before stocking up this weekend):

Sambal base, celery, tomatoes, bitter-gourd, carrots, lemons, yoghurt, sauces, canned sardines, coconut cream, dried ikan bilis, uncooked bee hoon, frozen spinach dhal

Monday dinner: Fried rice (using the sambal base) and fried bitter-gourd (have to slice it very thin the next time)

Tuesday:  I reheated the spinach dhal from previous week and made sardine sambal 

Wednesday: Phad Thai (my version- with grated carrots, zucchini and celery. (I stocked up these veg after deciding that these veg will be my staple to toss into most dishes needing veg. More on that soon)

Thursday: Daddy was home and he made the perennial fave combo of nasi lemak with ikan bilis (anchovies) sambal and omelette with grated carrot.

Friday: Zucchini rice with sweet sour fish (I had to go get the fish of course 😉

Daddy has offered to cook over the weekend. So he has made rasam (tomato soup) which can be kept for  two days. For Saturday, its sardine sambal again (his version is so much better!) and for Sunday, I may make fishball sambal or chicken masala. Oh well… whatever my mood feels like ;p 

Meanwhile, I need to plan for next week as tomorrow (Sunday) is the best time for me to go marketing and stock up my empty fridge ;> 



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