Menu planning- Feb 1st week

I managed to plan the menu for next week within half hour. Thats the fastest so far, I reckon. I expect it to be speedier as the weeks go by because I have repeated most of the recipes randomly on my online calendar. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to review that no beef is included this week. For the record, we love beef and I find it rather versatile an ingredient for many of my quick meals. However, I have also been getting more concerned how beef consumption affects the environment more adversely than eating chicken; and also about the diet of the cattle. Research shows grass-fed cattle are less harmful to our  health than grain-fed ones. The latter have numerous harmful effects- result of cancerous cells is one ;(( So until I find out what the cattle are fed, my mind will not be at ease.  

For this coming week, I look forward to make the following:

Mon (1/2) – Eggplant curry and potato spinach (Sunshine recently discovered how yummy raw spinach is and has been munching on copious amount of the leafy veg ;)) {the curry looked so yummy with the pink hue- from the blended tomato -mingled with the dark eggplants. I snapped a picture but the pictures did not do justice so i am not posting it. The potato spinach tasted rather good too.}

Tues (2/2) – Veg sambar and fishball sambal (my fishball sambal these days is so far from yummy ;((

Wed (3/2) – Fried bee hoon and cereal prawn (My niece asked for the latter dish last week but I did not manage to get the shrimps. Hope she can come by this week to try this 😉

Thurs (4/2) Kirai (Tamil for any green leafy veg) stew  and tempeh sambal with ikan bilis

Fri (5/2) – Mun Yee Mee  (for once i try follow the recipe and the sauce was too salty :(( 

Sat (6/2) – Chicken rice with honey soya sauce chicken  (since daddy offered to cook, it was ayam goreng chicken rice 😉

Sun (7/2) – Lemon rice aka Kitcheri, potato with mint leaves (I have yet to decide what meat to cook. Whimsy me will be inspired when I go to market during the week ;)) (Its daddy cooking again- so it’d be just simple rasam and scrambled egg with tomatoes)


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