First month of school

Wow- the first month of the new year has just whizzed by. As everyone progresses into the second month, I need to review how we have started off and mull over the progress for the next few months. 

Princess and Sunshine- their school schedule is more or less set and they both have gotten rather busy in the first month esp Princess. 

Princess became busy from day 1 due to her CCA commitments and subsequent twice weekly supplementary lessons. Her only free afternoon on Friday is now ‘threatened’ by MT remedial. Sigh- she does need the extra coaching both at home and in school.  Thanks to all the hard lessons last year, she is slightly more conscientious about getting work done early. She is also part of her class newspaper/ blog team. I am excited for her and also anxious about her coping with her ultra busy schedule. I need to model to her the need for schedule planning and having a to-do list (Its actually a joke that I ‘teach’ this life skills when I am barely proficient in these. Well, one always can learn!)

Adorable had chosen table-tennis for his CCA and is enjoying it tremendously. Thus, he is on the move throughout the day on Thursdays. His CCA begins in the morning at 10am and after school, he goes for TKD in the evening til 9.30pm. So far, he relishes his schedule and is very upbeat about school and everything else in his life. 

Sunshine is enjoying K1 tremendously. He is now more forthcoming in sharing about happenings in school. Eager to do writing work on his own and beginning to recognise some words and try to spell others. I love ferrying him to kindy two ways though it can be very tiring. 

With school commitments and schedules in place, a home revision plan will soon be implemented. I am not going to be complacent about Adorable’s learning of MT like I was for Princess. Seeing her struggle now has made me learn my lesson- Tamil books are part of bedtime stories now. Sunshine also needs to be exposed to more print and encouraged to read on his own. 

Boys are  usually not known to be avid  readers. I realise all children love books and stories when young. This is the best time to tap and maintain their interest in books and reading. Adorable enjoys books from library and Sunshine loves poring over photos in books and learning more information. I just need continue feeding their hunger for reading.


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