Cycle of Hope

Early January, the brood and I went to the above event.

I have read plenty about Dr William Tan- his amazing achievements and current struggle with cancer. So when I read about this charity event held near our flat, I did not want to miss the opportunity to contribute and meet this strong record holder in person. The children also had the opportunity to see for themselves the meaning of ‘willpower‘. Meeting him in person and reading his book is really inspiring.

It was a cosy event but with plenty cheering and music. There were members of the varsity and others who ran along with Dr Tan’s child-carrier bike around the track. There was a small troupe of musicians,with whom Sunshine had his first jamming session ;P (He does not give permission to link to the video ;((

After registering our donation, the children waited for their turns to go on the child-carrier. It was clear they enjoyed the 400m ride and the carnival atmosphere. I also bought his book on his record-breaking journey across the continents and had it autographed ;D

Despite his current battle with cancer, he still continues his various charity efforts, his health permitting. His ‘never say die’ attitude and perseverance is definitely a lesson for all of us- he is the ultimate role model for resilience and how the human spirit can overcome any obstacle.

I look forward to the day when I read about his conquest of cancer.


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