Menu planning- Feb 2nd week

Managed to stick to most of previous week’s menu 😉 with minimal changes, by my standard ;p This week will see a repeat of few dishes from previous weeks as there are some frozen food.

Mon (8/2) – Noodles with minced chicken

Tues (9/2) – nasi lemak with ikan bilis (anchovies) sambal and omelette (It’s the brood’s fave and a very low-cost meal ;))

Wed (10/2) – Pasta (It’s a new recipe which will definitely be modified 🙂

Thurs (11/2) – Mutton curry and spinach raita (Princess loves mutton and mummy loves the spinach raita! :))

Fri (12/2) – Kirai stew and tempeh sambal with ikan bilis

Sat (13/2) – Chicken curry and brinjal in yoghurt (Princess has been asking for chicken curry for sometime)

Sun (14/2) – Mee Kuah

Mon (15/2) – Burgers

It will be the CNY weekend so I definitely need to shop ahead for ingredients to last me through the days when the market will be closed.


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