Time online

I discovered blogosphere last year and have been hooked on reading blogs ever since. Though self- help is not big here in SG, I am one who sees myself as a woman in progress. While I languish in my imperfections, it does help to improve oneself a little (okay, improve alot in my case- LOL! ;)) Thus these blogs help me realise that there are other people in similar situations and who can make good- by sharing tips and experiences and make lives more productive and even meaningful. 

I am learning to focus on being a purposeful parent. I am learning to overcome obstacles (mostly my personal demons 😉 I am learning… well just so much!

I believe in sharing good things. Thus I have decided to share blog post(s) to ponder over/ enjoy a laugh or two/ remind us to be thankful regularly (what I share may not be a recent post as my reader tells me I have over 200 unread posts! ;p- hey that shows I have a life offline rite ;)) I am not sure how the sharing feature in Google reader works so this ‘series’ of blog posts and hey it helps with the content here ;p Not that my brood are of any less interesting subjects ;D

So to kick off this series, I thought of sharing one post thats about online productivity (or the semi-lack of it ;))

Be warned- clicking on the links in the above post will have glued to the screen for longer than you had planned and distract you from whatever you had started out to do online. I shall not claim responsibility for your increased awareness as a result or the total lack of work done! ;p

Another post shares a philosophy I hold close to my heart and trying to live by- Be immune to consumerism and live simply. Less is definitely more is so many ways!

I will try hard not to keep referring to my favorite bloggers found here, here, here and here…oh and here ;p (I better stop there, otherwise I will not have much else to share in future. ;)) I have mentioned them often before and as much as I appreciate them tremendously, there is a galaxy beyond their blogs.

Hope you find something useful/ meaningful/ funny in the blog posts I share. ;D


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